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"PrepMD RMS arrived at my organization during a time of substantial remote monitoring challenges. They provided the tools and service to help us with our backlog cleanup, scheduling and optimization of allowable reimbursement. Kent, Carla, Alan and Kelsie worked diligently within our own software technology and quickly addressed workflow challenges to help our service become more efficient. Their dedicated team of specialists delivered high-quality reports with prompt notification of actionable events. Any time I had a question or specific need they were there! Our patients, physicians, and healthcare system benefited immeasurably by the PrepMD RMS service" - Device Tech Lead

A 4500+ patient clinic needed a solution to better service their cardiac device patients. While alerts were being triaged, they had an ever-growing backlog of over 2,000 remote transmissions. Additional stressors included a newly hired staff who were overwhelmed with patient care and administrative responsibilities. All this led to regular CIED remote transmissions sometimes waiting weeks for review. The clinic leadership knew they needed help.


PrepMD RMS worked tirelessly to clean up the clinic's transmission backlog within 8 weeks, while also managing all daily scheduled and alert transmissions. This 4,500 cardiac patient clinic staff continues to rely on a dedicated RMS team of CCDS Certified Device Specialists for their expert clinical knowledge and a collaborative trusted approach, leading to the best outcomes for their patients.


A large healthcare network of cardiology clinics was unable to keep up with the sheer volume of remote monitoring transmissions. The network contained multiple cardiology clinics all operating under different work streams. The clinic leadership was seeking a solution to streamline their processes. As a result, regularly scheduled pacemaker, ICD and ILR remote reports were piling up at all clinics. This transmission backlog and clinic inefficiencies was leading to a very frustrated and overwhelmed clinic staff.


After meeting with the Nurse Manager and the clinic staff, the RMS team was able to find an integrative solution where we work with the clinic as partners. For example, our team led by IBHRE® Certified Cardiac Device Specialists customizes their service, making adjustments sometimes daily to the report writing and workflow. This allows us to seamlessly work within the protocols set by the clinic leadership. As such, we provided a solution to lessen their workflow burden and allow for prompt triaging and report writing for device transmissions.


A clinic was frustrated with the slow response to life threatening alerts from their previous remote monitoring service provider. Some high priority alerts from the previous service provider had not been delivered to the clinic for 2 months, leaving clinic staff frustrated. Additionally, patients were fearful that their devices were not monitored appropriately. As a result, the clinic was in search of a service provider with a tighter alert protocol procedure.


After consultation with the clinic we implemented a customized alert protocol to fit the clinic's needs and expectations, therefore, never leaving the clinic staff or patients to worry about the monitoring of their device alerts again. This clinic wanted a service model they could trust and found it at PrepMD RMS. Our service includes same-day alert reporting 5 days a week from a team lead by IBHRE® certified cardiac device specialists.


A medium-sized cardiac device clinic found itself falling behind with its remote CIED transmissions due to reporting inefficiencies. As a result, the clinical staff became overwhelmed because they struggled to write concise and clinically relevant reports. They wanted their reports written in a manner to easily identify actionable items to ensure the best patient care.


The PrepMD RMS team worked with the cardiology clinic staff to implement a streamlined approach to remote report writing. Our IBHRE® certified cardiac device specialists craft reports which highlight the most important aspects of the transmissions. This approach not only allowed the doctors and staff to quickly review and assess reports, but also led to less actionable reports being missed.


A cardiology clinic needed guidance on a new workflow which would lead to more accurate billing to solve reimbursement issues. Therefore, the doctors were worried about a loss of revenue and had to put billing on hold until a solution could be found.


PrepMD RMS was able to immediately implement a simple solution to ensure a proper billing workflow. As a result, the physicians at this clinic were able to receive the correct payment for remote reports on their cardiac device patients. The IBHRE® certified staff at PrepMD RMS assigned a dedicated team to this clinic enabling a quick resolution so the clinic was able to resume billing very quickly.

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