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PrepMD’s cardiac device remote monitoring services, provided by IBHRE® certified experts, address the many challenges faced by busy cardiac device clinics, include alert triage, clinic optimization, backlog cleanup and more.

You CHOOSE from a portfolio of software options and PrepMD DELIVERS the best fit SOLUTION to streamline your daily workflow, while working as an extension to your device clinic to help provide the BEST CARE to your cardiac device patients.

PrepMD helps clinics with monitoring of all cardiac implantable devices including pacemakers, ICDs, heart failure and ILRs. High quality, actionable and readable reports are written by a dedicated, full-time team of IBHRE® certified cardiac device specialists. We work to help with actionable alert programming, scheduling optimization, billing and backlog cleanup, while managing triage alert transmissions according to your clinic’s protocol.

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Here's How We Do It

Here's How We Do It


Notifications for High Voltage Therapy


Notifications for Untreated Wide Complex Tachycardia


Notifications for New Onset Atrial Fibrillation


Notifications for Lead Issues


Notifications for Worsening Heart Failure


Notifications for Low Battery

Here's How We Do It


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