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Clinic Staffing Woes

Clinic Staffing Woes

To say that there is an immense need for trained staff in the field of cardiac rhythm management and electrophysiology and the medical device industry is an understatement. The real challenge is the decision that most hiring managers must ultimately make. Do you hire a new employee who may leave the organization within a couple of years, and you are back at square one? Or do you train the longtime staff member who would be grateful for the opportunity, but who has that kind of time?

A Traveling What?

We are all familiar with traveling nurses. Some clinics utilize traveling Cardiac Device Specialists as an ideal option for temporary assignments within the clinic.

There is no need to panic when your valued team member is out on maternity leave, FMLA or for any other extended reason. Consider utilizing Short-Term Assignments (STA) to staff your clinic with skilled and certified device specialists.

STA Staffing Advantages Include:

  • Clinic Onboarding prior to internal employee leave of absence
  • Trained cardiac device specialist to cover the patient care for duration of employee leave
  • A transition plan post leave of absence and employee return to clinic
  • Optional onsite training for other device clinic employees

Consistent and seamless patient care is what a well-executed STA can provide your clinic. Your patients and physicians will have consistent and qualified personnel without the burden of rushed training or relying on industry substitutes.

PrepMD RMS Cardiac In-Office/In-Hospital Staffing is just one of the flexible solutions many cardiac device clinics across the country are using to provide improved patient care.

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