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Cardiac remote monitoring is a daily source of data overload with time-consuming and unpredictable alert triage

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Remote monitoring is often avoided because it is felt that with the addition of remote monitoring, it will completely overburden staff. Remote monitoring can be a source of data overload that can create more work to sort through. Triage of remote alerts can be time consuming and an unpredictable workload on a daily basis.

Your RMS Team Leader provides morning alert triage reporting so that you can manage your patient care decisions stress-free

With increasing clinic sizes and device complexity the volume and administration of data management is overwhelming

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With increasing clinic size, it is virtually impossible to see all patients in the office on a regular basis. Clinic schedules are often consumed with routine follow-ups that could be done remotely.With the increased complexity and number of devices, clinics are responsible for managing data on multiple sites including Medtronic Carelink, Boston Scientific Latitude, Biotronik, and Abbott Laboratories (St. Jude) Merlin. Several complex data management steps are involved in the process. This includes downloading data from multiple sites, generating reports, reviewing reports, and transferring the reports into hospital EMR systems such as EPIC, Allscripts, and Cerner.

Your dedicated RMS Team manages data download from all manufacturer sites, reviews, and uploads reports right into your system

We understand how difficult and time-consuming it is to find and employ CIED trained, experienced and CCDS staff

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Difficult to find and employ CIED trained, experienced and CCDS staff. The tasks of remote monitoring have traditionally been integrated into a clinician’s already full clinic schedule. Inability to dedicate a staff member exclusively to remote monitoring to maintain the efficiency and quality of remote monitoring. Additional resources required to coordinate a remote monitoring program put additional strain on office and administrative workflow.

Working as an extension of your clinic RMS provides quality remote monitoring reports, freeing up your staff for in-clinic patient care

Clinics struggle with large upfront costs, ongoing subscription fees, and billing administration and reimbursement potential

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Remote monitoring CPT codes such as 93294, 93295, 93296, 93297, 93298 and 93299 are all associated with remote monitoring device patients. Most clinics struggle with maximizing the billing and reimbursement potential, leading to revenue losses. Software solutions are associated with large upfront costs and ongoing subscription fees. Clinics that already invested in a software solution, such as Paceart can find it unreasonable to invest in a different solution or service.

No up-front costs at RMS. Utilize billing and reimbursement expertise from your RMS Team for clinic optimization


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