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Cardiac Device Remote Monitoring Solutions by PrepMD RMS -
We integrate seamlessly into your clinic’s workflow because you choose which cardiac device remote monitoring services are needed, so you can focus on the providing the best patient care. Our full-time IBHRE® certified cardiac device specialists provide quality reporting on all cardiac implantable devices, including single and dual chamber pacemakers, defibrillators, heart failure and loop recorder monitoring devices.

When we partner with your clinic our experienced CCDS staff delivers a best-in-class remote monitoring service! Most importantly, you can trust that our remote monitoring software and service will help you improve patient outcomes through efficient alert management triage, quality reporting, and clinic and billing optimization.

We deliver on:

We Understand Your Clinic's

Remote Monitoring Challenges

We provide SOLUTIONS to the many challenges clinics face in caring for cardiac device patients including
Clinic Workflow, Volume, Staffing, Billing and more

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with the best cardiac device PATIENT CARE OUTCOMES

PrepMD RMS Cardiac Clinical Solutions: Find your best fit

Am I looking for

  • One-stop shop: remote monitoring + training + staffing
  • Solutions to increase efficiency and simplify my clinic's daily workflow
  • A remote monitoring service to work within my existing platform
  • Choices and customization to fit my clinic's needs
  • Solutions to ensure continuity of care for all our device patients
PrepMD RMS Cardiac Clinical Solutions: Find your best fit

Do I need

  • Daily triage and same day alert reporting
  • High quality pacemaker / ICD / ILR device report writing
  • Heart failure monitoring
  • Backlog cleanup & scheduling
  • Workflow & billing optimization with maximum reimbursement potential
  • Improved onboarding of remote cardiac patient care
  • Patient outreach services
Find your best fit solution with PrepMD RMS, full-time IBHRE® certified staff

Am I looking for

  • A service provider experienced with device clinics of all sizes
  • My own dedicated service team I can trust
  • Full-time IBHRE® certified cardiac device specialists
  • SOC 2 Type II compliance
  • Healthcare online and hybrid training assessment tools
  • Staffing resource for screened/trained cardiac device specialists to add to my team
PrepMD RMS Cardiac Clinical Solutions: Find your best fit

Do I prefer

  • No subscription or upfront costs
  • Bundled pricing options to save on services for my clinic
  • Seamless implementation and integration with my systems
  • Customized service agreements
  • To start a remote monitoring service immediately

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