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Find your best fit solution with PrepMD RMS, customized cardiac remote monitoring

Am I looking for

  • Solutions to increase efficiency and simplify my clinic's daily workflow
  • A remote monitoring service to work within my existing platform
  • Choices and customization to fit my clinic's needs
  • Solutions to ensure continuity of care for all our device patients
Find your best fit solution with PrepMD RMS, triage report writing and backlog cleanup

Do I need

  • Daily triage and same day alert reporting
  • High quality pacemaker/ICD/ILR device report writing
  • Heart failure remote monitoring
  • Backlog cleanup & scheduling
  • Workflow & billing optimization with maximum reimbursement potential
  • Improved onboarding of remote cardiac patient care
Find your best fit solution with PrepMD RMS, full-time IBHRE® certified staff

Am I looking for

  • a service provider experienced with device clinics of all sizes
  • My own dedicated service team I can trust
  • Full-time IBHRE® certified cardiac device specialists
  • HIPPA compliant platform and reporting
Choose your best fit with PrepMD RMS cardiac remote monitoring with no upfront costs

Do I prefer

  • No subscription or upfront costs
  • Seamless implementation and integration with my systems
  • Customized service agreements
  • To start a remote monitoring service immediately
  • A provider offering training and/or staffing solutions

We Care About

Your Cardiac Device Patients

We provide each clinic with a dedicated team
led by IBHRE® Certified Cardiac Device Specialists


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PrepMD is a trusted provider of training and online learning solutions to healthcare systems, corporations, and individuals looking to enter or advance a cardiac medical device career.


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PrepMD Professionals, our contract staffing entity connects trained talent with hiring entities at healthcare systems and medical device companies across the U.S.