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Remote Monitoring

As one of the largest CIED remote monitoring service providers in the country, PrepMD RMS is setting the standard for exemplary patient care led by our expert full-time, dedicated IBHRE®-certified team. With no up-front costs and flat-fee billing we only grow when you do.

Training Solutions

We help advance your team's clinical skills with our Healthcare Training Solutions. Customized self-paced packages include robust curriculum with didactic lessons, 2D and 3D animations, virtual simulations, and interactive pre and post assessments on CRM, EP, IC and SH. Complement online learning with onsite options.

Staffing Solutions

We recruit, train, hire, and deploy talented candidates to meet your ever-growing cardiac clinical support demand. You hire contracted candidates and PrepMD continues to train and prepare for IBHRE®-certification. You choose if and when to convert to a direct hire.


To ensure you find YOUR BEST FIT SOLUTION

Find your best fit solution with PrepMD RMS, customized cardiac remote monitoring

Am I looking for

  • One-stop shop: remote monitoring + training + staffing
  • Solutions to increase efficiency and simplify my clinic's daily workflow
  • A remote monitoring service to work within my existing platform
  • Choices and customization to fit my clinic's needs
  • Solutions to ensure continuity of care for all our device patients
Find your best fit solution with PrepMD RMS, triage report writing and backlog cleanup

Do I need

  • Daily triage and same day alert reporting
  • High quality pacemaker / ICD / ILR device report writing
  • Heart failure monitoring
  • Backlog cleanup & scheduling
  • Workflow & billing optimization with maximum reimbursement potential
  • Improved onboarding of remote cardiac patient care
  • Patient outreach services
PrepMD RMS female pink scrubs icon

Am I looking for

  • A service provider experienced with device clinics of all sizes
  • My own dedicated service team I can trust
  • Full-time IBHRE® certified cardiac device specialists
  • SOC 2 Type II compliance
  • Healthcare online and hybrid training assessment tools
  • Staffing resource for screened/trained cardiac device specialists to add to my team
Choose your best fit with PrepMD RMS cardiac remote monitoring with no upfront costs

Do I prefer

  • No subscription or upfront costs
  • Bundled pricing options to save on services for my clinic
  • Seamless implementation and integration with my systems
  • Customized service agreements
  • To start a remote monitoring service immediately

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